Children cured in Belgium

Noam et sa mamanNoam reunites with his mother

Noam and Maeva both have rejoigned their parents after their operation and stay in Belgium. Meanwhile are Shilo, a 1 year baby from Rwanda and Vlad, a year and a half baby from Congo-Brazzaville staying with their Belgian foster families for revalidation after their successful operation: their parents back home can now relax, knowing they are having a bright future !

Shilo eating  Vlad après opération

Shilo, Vlad and their beautiful smiles !

By the end of April will Sharomo be in Belgium: Sharomo is an 8 years’ old boy from Rwanda whose doctor could not operate locally for a heart disease since these operations cannot be performed at this point in time in Rwanda, and who will be treated in Belgium to save his life.


Sharomo and his mum during their last visit at the Oshen King Faysal Hospital in Kigali

Merveille, a 4 years’old little girl from DRCongo will also be operated on in Belgium during the month of May.

Thank you so much to all who make these life-changing stories possible : medical staff, all volunteers who work with us, including those from Aviation sans Frontières, the Belgian foster families who welcome kids during their revalidation, and all generous donators, who financially support our work.

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