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Bye Bye Awezaye!

After staying for 12 weeks in Belgium, Awezaye went back to the Idjwi  Island in the East of DRCongo on July 26th. Everyone in het big family shared her happiness of being back home!

Awezaye and her parents rest assured that her treatment was succesfully carried out: the results and changes on her face will become more and more visible as time goes by. This is what her father wrote to us: « We were so happy to see the improvements in her condition: the whole village celebrated her return, Awezaye was so happy: I cannot thank enough all the people in Belgium who have helped her”.

Awezaye impressed us all by her joy and courage: she literally charmes everyone during her stay in Belgium.

A long solidarity chain was formed during many months to help Awezaye: may them all be thanked for their ongoing support and generosity!


Merveille went back to à Kinshasa at the end of June. Her family was impatient of seeing her again and everyone reunited with a lot of joy!

A big thank you to everyone who madeher recovery possible: her great host family in Belgium, the medical staff at the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Lucin Brussels, volunteers from Aviation Sans Frontières who take care of children during their trip, racers of Brussels’ 20 kms, children who thought of her for their celebrations, and the large family of friends from la Chaîne de l’Espoir Belgique.

In the next few weeks, we will welcome Eliana, Stacy, Jacques and Leslie. Eliana and Stacy, from DRCongo, will be taken care of a heart disease in Belgium. Jacques and Leslie, from Burundi, will be operated on of an orthopaedics malformation.
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