You are touched by the issue of access to care for all children, and would like to support children and their parents?

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BELFIUS BE 28 0882 1265 5620 BIC GKCCBEBB
ING BE 90 3300 6235 9132 BIC BBRUBEBB
CBC BE 58 7320 3232 3279 BIC CREGBEBB -> specific account for project RDCongo

The Chain of Hope Belgium subscribes to the Association for Ethical Fundraising (AERF),  offering guarantees in moral compliance of fundraising activities and transparency of financial reports.

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Donations of 40 euros and more are tax deductible.  A tax return document will be posted to you, during the first term following your donation.

If your residence is in Europe and outside Belgium, Chain of Hope Belgium can deliver a tax return document valide in your country of residence.  Please refer to this document to know what account ot use and which communication to mention.  Teh reference institution will transfer your donation to us, and will send you a tax return document valid in your country of residence.

For more information, please contact us at 0032 2 764 20 60 or get in touch directly with the reference institution applying to you and indicated here.

Subscribe a Standing Order

Regular donations enable us to better plan activities in Belgium and abroad.

Donations of 40 euros and more are tax deductible.  A tax return document will be posted to you, during the first term following your donation.

For further details: contact your bank or contact us : 0478/60.50.98

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1. Donation

The donation is a legal transaction to transfer free of charge and  irrevocably a personal possession. The donation takes effect while the donor is alive and leads to the immediate transfer of the given amount of money or possession

2. Bequest

A bequest is a testamentary disposition organizing the transmission of your possessions. It takes effect only after  your death and you may, at any time, modify or nullify it.

You may bequeath personal property or real estate, shares, bonds, passbooks, …, the total or partial earnings of a life insurance, …

3. Dual bequest

If you do not have direct descendants and want to bequeath your patrimony to your close relatives (nephews, nieces, friends) while supporting the Chain of Hope Belgium, the dual bequest is the ideal solution.

In clear terms, the dual bequest contains two bequests: one bequest to your heirs and one bequest to the Chain of Hope Belgium. The Chain of Hope Belgium will pay the inheritance tax of the bequest of your heirs. Thanks to this technique, your heirs or legatees will pay less taxes and you will support the Chain of Hope Belgium.

Should you need more information about donations or bequests, contact your notary, visit the website or contact us at 02/764 20 60/66.


Have you any questions or wish to talk privately?

Please contact Anita Clément, Director Chain of Hope Belgium: 02/764 20 60 or 478 60 50 98