An example of synergies: a common Platform for Hospitals in DRC.

This project was fundamental in grouping public and private hospitals in DRC around common objectives.

Chain of Hope Belgium, together with 2 Belgian NGO’s  – ULB-Coopération and Rotary Clubs For Development –  initiated this Platform, in close collaboration with the « Direction of Healthcare Institutions » from the Ministry of Public Health in DRC. The initiative is supported by different funds, through bilateral agreements (Unicef, World Bank, European Union) and multilateral agreements (Belgian, French, Candian and Japanese Cooperation for Development), and by other NGO’s (Memisa, Handicap International, MSV).

The « Hospital Management Platform » in Kinshasa was created in the very first place to leverage best practices in hospital management and to promote quality healthcare in hospitals. This objective is shared by Chain of Hope Belgium and by its partners NGO’s. The creation of this Platform was part of their different projects, all supporting the hospital infrastructure in the City-Province of Kinshasa. The implication and motivation of  the different hospitals members since the Platfom started in 2012, the quality of their interactions and the high interest it raised with different partners in the healthcare sector have lead to raising its profile as a potential for the implementation of the Hospital Reform.

Chain of Hope Belgium, ULB-Coopération and Rotary Clubs For Development are evaluating the opportunity to make it a specific project. This idea was supported by the Ministry of Public Health, actors across the healthsector and public investors. In 2016, the General Belgian Direction for Cooperation and Development approved a funds to institutionalize it and to increase the number of member hospitals.