Why join the Chain of Hope Belgium?

  • No one can be indifferent to the health of children
  • Your company can support concrete and sustainable actions
  • Each partnership is designed and customised according to your goals
  • Information is provided on the results achieved thanks to your support
  • A positive point for you, your employees and your customers

What are the benefits for your business?

  • An integrated Corporate Social Responsibility policy (staff, customers, suppliers)
  • Clear benefits in terms of image: preferences of consumers, communication …
  • A tax benefit: any donation is covered by a tax certificate on behalf of the company

How to associate your business with the Chain of Hope Belgium?

Corporate philanthropy

You can associate your company with specific Chain of Hope Belgium projects in the medium or long term.

  • Support for a medical-surgical mission
  • Sponsorship of a child in Belgium
  • Participation in the Solidarity Fund in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Participation in an overall project for a country
  • A detailed activity report is provided at the end of the project; you can highlight this in your annual report.

Product sales

You can link your products with the themes of Chain of Hope Belgium (access to quality health care, care for children, etc.) by donating part of the profits from the sale of your products.

Viral marketing

You can pass on information about our online donation campaigns via your Facebook pages, your Twitter account or Instagram.

Help in kind

You can support the Chain of Hope Belgium by making your expertise, services or products available free of charge in order to contribute to the development of its activities.

Loyalty Cards

Your customer loyalty card can be the intermediary of your support: in suggesting to your customer that he/she attributes his/her points to the Chain of Hope Belgium, you can promise to give the financial value of points to the Chain of Hope Belgium.

Social marketing action

You can offer traffic-building: for example, in exchange for a second-hand garment or accessory, your customer would receive a valid discount voucher when buying a new item; you would then give the whole or part of the value of the voucher to the Chain of Hope Belgium.


You can offer free advertising space in your company newspaper, presence at internal events, or to pass on information via your social networks.

You can encourage donations through the advertising space. Vous financez et diffusez un mailing ou un e-mailing. You can finance and distribute information through mailing or e-mailing.

Example: End-of-year donation campaign


You can organize an event: a golf tournament, a charity concert, a meal, a gala evening, etc. bringing together your collaborators and/or customers and you can give the proceeds to the Chain of Hope Belgium.


You can organize a raffle and choose the Chain of Hope Belgium as a final beneficiary. The association is allowed to benefit from such raffles (AR III / 42/4526/15).

Sale price of your product

You can offer to round prices of your products, which will provide for many small and repeated gifts. You can ensure that all these micro-donations will be paid to the Chain of Hope Belgium.
You can also show the commitment of your company by topping up the amount collected in this manner.

Want to share your ideas?
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