Technical and sanitary infrastructure

It is vital to enhance the technical and sanitary infrastructures of partner hospitals to make sure children are being cured in good conditions. It is often necessary to use specialized and last technology equipment to make sure complex surgeries can be successful.  The quality of the material used has a direct impact on the lenght of the surgery, with shorter anaesthesis and a quicker recovery. Chain of Hope contributes to  creating better work conditions for the local teams by bringing specialised equipment that would otherwise not be available.

Next to the Chain of  Hope Belgium investments, equipment is being donated by medical firms, and recycled when possible.

Local hospitals that benefited from equipment donation

In 2015, 22 departments across the partner hospitals of Chain of Hope Belgium have benefited from the donation of medical equipment en material:

–         In Senegal, in the Albert Royer Hospital, the physiotherapy and surgery departments (2)

–         In Benin, in the Tanguiéta Hospital, orthopaedic and ORL pediatric surgery dpts, together with physiotherapy and special equipment (4)

–         In Rwanda, in the King Faisal Hospital, the operation room, the reanimation and the heart surgery dpts (3)

–         In Nicaragua, in the La Mascota Hospital, the heart surgey, urologic and orthopaedic, anaesthesy and reanimation dpts (5)

–         In DRC, in the Ngaliema Clinic, the surgery, anaesthesy and reanimation dpts, the pediatric consultation, the laundry, the lab, & blood bank and in Kalembe Lembe, the pediatric dpt (8)