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Paedriatic surgery missions in Benin

2 missions of paedriatic surgery are in Benin in September. Our teams of physicians and para-medical volunteers work at the hospital Saint-Jean-de-Dieu of Tanguiéta in the north of Benin.

The “Chaîne de l’Espoir “(Chain of Hope) develops with the teams of this hospital long term projects, including nursing for children, education and medical equipment.

ENT Surgery mission: from 2nd to 9th September

The team, under the supervision of Dr. Michel Dewever, pediatric ENT surgeon at Chirec, is comprised of 6 specialists in pediatric ENT surgery, and a coordinator who will be in charge of the practical and logistic aspects inherent to this mission.

Dr. Georges Verougstraete, ENT and maxillo-facial surgeon

Dr. Afshin Yousefpour, ENT and maxillo-facial surgeon

Dr. Patricia Pelc, ENT

Dr. Julien Kersten, anesthetist

Mrs. Caroline Boucaut, Mrs. Laura Marchesi, nurses


Benin_Tanguieta_ORL_09.2016 (2)


During one week of work, 77 consultations have been given, 35 operations performed, whereof 16 children!

Orthopedic surgery mission: from 16th to 25th September

The team, under the supervision of Dr. Pierre-Louis Docquier, orthopedic surgeon at the University Clinics Saint-Luc in Brussels, is comprised of 8 specialists in pediatrics, all as volunteers:

Dr. Jean-Paul Dusabe, surgeon

Dr. Thierry Pirotte, anesthetist

Mrs. Christine Dames and Mrs. Cyrielle Fauviot, nurses

Mr. Henri Callier, plasterer (cast)

Mr. Nicolas Peeters, kinesiologist

Mr. Yves Devreese, ortho-prosthetist

Mrs. Solande De Wouters, assistant orthopedics

During each mission, tens of children will be operated and treated and will be seen at the consultation in order to direct them to the most efficient treatment.

 PL et patient




Mission Senegal Dakar: from 3rd to 13th September

The aim of this mission is to formalize the collaboration between the Chaîne de l’Espoir Belgium and the local partners and to provide a training (quality approach).

Damien Desmet, pediatric orthopedist surgeon at the CHU Amboise Paré in Mons will join the mission to evaluate whether orthopedic surgery missions, ENT (in collaboration with the Chaîne de l’Espoir Luxemburg) and urological missions can be undertaken locally.


2 young Congolese children are expected in September and October to be operated of a serious heart defect at the University Clinics Saint-Luc in Brussels. They will travel, accompanied by our partner Aviation Sans Frontières Belgique (Aviation without Borders Belgium ), and will be welcomed by the medical teams and their foster families.

It is each time a beautiful chain of solidarity that gets into place to make healing possible.

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Jean-Paul (3)   Melvine_2

Jean-Paul, 12 years and Melvine, 4 years, have both to be operated of a serious heart malformation that hampers their development and threatens their life.

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